Once you’ve submitted your inquiry form with your desired collection, we will work together to gather all the necessary details to bring your specific suite to life! Once these details are added into the collection we move on to colors.

All things color! To make your collection even more unique to you, we can work with a wide range of color palettes to make sure your suite aligns with the design of the day or event. This is where we can make as many edits and changes as needed to ensure we land on the perfect color and overall look.

Time to accessorize! This part of the process includes adding and tweaking any additional accessories to your suite. This could be your envelope liner, a wax seal, vellum jacket or ribbon! If you choose to forego these add ons, this step will be your final proof for approval!

Bringing it all together! This part of the process includes printing, assembly and if applicable, mailing!

You can choose to receive your cards, envelopes and/or accessories to assemble yourself if preferred.